Briefs: CO2 systems Receive Awards in the USA

Three companies developing or using CO2, received awards in the United States in 2010: Kysor/Warren, a company based in Georgia was honoured with the 2009-2010 GreenChill Distinguished Partner Award, from the US Environmental Agency (EPA) for its system for refrigerated display cases and cabinets. EcoThermics Corporation, a company based in Peoria, Illinois was second in the Annual Brinks Innovation Competition for it CO2 compressor, and Food Lion, a USA food retailer, was granted the US EPA Montreal Protocol Award for having opened three stores using cascading CO2 systems, two of which received GreenChill Gold-Level Store Certification for store emissions reductions of 75% versus the industry norm. The company now has five stores using advanced refrigeration systems with glycol and/or CO2. Source: