Briefs: Incentives for energy-efficient refrigerators

- US measures A USD 300 million programme, similar to what Stråberg suggested for Sweden, was recently announced by President Barack Obama. The US package will authorize states to create rebates with an expected value of USD 50-200 for each purchase of an appliance with an Energy Star efficiency rating. - UK: Retailers vocal on tax rebates The British Retail Consortium is asking the British government to introduce a combined recycling programme for old, energy-thirsty appliances and waive the 15% VAT for new, energy-lean ones. - Japan, Belgium, the Netherlands, Spain and Italy Similar systems exist or are in the process of being introduced in Spain, Belgium and Japan. The Netherlands subsidized A-class appliances for a number of years, transforming an antiquated appliance fleet to one of the EU's most modern. In addition, Italy's tax credits of up to € 200 have doubled sales for energy-efficient models.