Briefs: Swiss supermarket chain COOP chooses CO2

COOP has implemented CO2 as refrigerant of choice for low-and medium-temperature applications and aims at becoming CO2 neutral by 2023. The first supermarket has been equipped with a CO2 booster system engineered by Frigo-Consulting AG. A central system cools the 90 m of display cabinets as well as walk-in-coolers, for the low- and medium-temperature ranges. With traditional refrigerants the supermarket was using direct CO2 equivalent emissions from leakage of 30 000 kg/year occurred. The new system reduces direct emissions to a mere 30 kg/year. Moreover, the savings from indirect emissions and reduced energy consumption spare the environment another 15 000 kg of CO2e/year. The company will save over 100 000 kWh/year, equal to the annual consumption of 20 Swiss households.