Canada to Host LNG2023 in Vancouver

Vancouver will be the venue for the 20th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG2023) following the selection of the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) to host the event.

In making the announcement the Chair of the LNG2023 Steering Committee (SC) and President of the International Gas Union (IGU), Prof. JM (Joe) Kang, said “On behalf of the event owners IGU, GTI and IIR we are excited to see LNG2023 coming to Vancouver. While circumstances required us to re-locate the event the outcome could not have been better, with Vancouver an easily accessible and safe destination with world class facilities. Plus, as we explore the contribution LNG can make for global energy security Vancouver is central to the growing LNG industry in Canada”.


Timothy M. Egan, President and CEO of the Canadian Gas Association stated, “We are thrilled to have been chosen to host LNG2023 in Vancouver, BC. Canada has a strong and committed natural gas industry and there are vast opportunities for Canada, and Canadian LNG, to play an important role in supporting energy needs around the world. We are looking forward to engaging with the global LNG industry and other stakeholders to collaborate and showcase what LNG can do for the world.”



20th International Conference & Exhibition on Liquefied Natural Gas

Vancouver Convention Centre, Canada | July 10-13, 2023


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Please submit your summaries of papers to be presented in Vancouver before October 10, 2022.



The LNG International Conference & Exhibition event series is presented to you by the International Gas Union (IGU), the Gas Technology Institute (GTI) and the International Institute of Refrigeration (IIR).


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