Castle Lite’s ice cold campaign.

The South African beer refreshes its image.
Castle Brewery is one of the oldest commercial breweries in South Africa and the brand, Castle Lite, is centred on “Extra Cold Refreshment”. To refresh its image even more, the brand released a first-of-its-kind track dubbed “Ziyabanda”, featuring South African hip hop star Stilo Magolide.

As Castle Lite is said to be the only beer lagered at -2.5°C, the advertising agency’s challenge was to find other examples of things made at -2.5°C to pull off this innovative campaign. They filmed a commercial in the middle of an ice rink and recorded real ice sounds obtained from specially made ice objects. The hip hop artist laid his voice on the resulting “frozen beats” and the whole thing was then engraved on a record made of ice and played on a standard turntable.

This communications campaign enjoyed broad media coverage in South Africa and created a buzz on social media networks, reaching more than 40 million people.