Conference update: Ohrid

The 3rd IIR event in a series, Ammonia Refrigeration Technology was held on May 7-9, 2009, in Ohrid, Macedonia. With 95 participants from 24 countries and 32 papers presented, the event was very successful. A key focus of this series of conferences is ammonia technology in developing countries. Overview On May 7-9, 2009 Ohrid was again the centre of action in ammonia refrigeration. For the third time in 6 years, excellent engineers and ammonia enthusiasts from all around the world gathered in great numbers for the current economic circumstances. Thanks to hard work and the excellent vision of Prof. Risto Ciconkov and his team, Scientific Committee and IIR support, the participants considerably enhanced their knowledge. Keynote presentations Lambert Kuijpers, The Netherlands: "2010-2020: a new decade of changes in refrigeration and air conditioning" Nelson Mugabi, Japan: "Semi-hermetic and hermetic ammonia compressor packages" Predrag Hrnjak, USA: "Charge minimization in small systems - opportunity for expanding use of ammonia as refrigerant" Andy Pearson, UK: "Making the case for heat pumps with Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide" Anders Lindborg, Sweden: "Ammonia refrigeration risk assessment, probability and frequency" Gert Koster, The Netherlands: "Modernization of ammonia refrigerating systems in view of reliability, safety, energy consumption and environmental issues" Other presentations focused on: Design of modern ammonia systems and technological innovation Low-charge NH3 technology, factory-made units, new model of unit coolers and evaporative condensers. Energy efficiency of ammonia refrigeration Comparison: ammonia and fluorocarbon-based systems; Ammonia - indirect cooling, new secondary coolants such as ammonia-water brine; NH3/ CO2 cascade systems. Applications of ammonia refrigeration Cold stores, food industries, supermarkets, air-conditioning systems, heat pumps. Technical and safety standards and regulations Standards and regulations on the construction and operation of ammonia refrigerating systems, best practices, operating procedures, handling of ammonia and safe operation. Absorption machines Improved systems; power generation. Andy Pearson presented a new edition of the IIR book Ammonia as a Refrigerant. The attendees greatly look forward to meeting again with more information about new and relevant developments in ammonia refrigeration. Watch this space for information on the 4th event! It looks like Prof. Ciconkov is getting another assignment - the fourth conference! Buy the proceedings: or