Cool Carrier

At the end of October of this year Carrier Transicold introduced Deltek„§ hybrid diesel electric technology to the North American refrigerated transport industry offering more reliable, easier maintained transport refrigeration systems at the lowest lifecycle costs yet. The system is equipped with an ultra-high-performance aircraft-quality generator powered by a diesel, EPA-compliant engine. An electric compressor sealed within the compressor housing and thus requiring no shaft seal drives the simplified refrigeration system, thus ensuring an extra-tight system. Electric evaporator and condenser fans control the flow of air and on-demand heating that is independent of the cooling system and outside temperature is provided through electric-resistance heat meaning that for multi-temperature applications, the refrigerant can be used entirely for cooling one compartment while electric heating can be used to warm another with no compromise in the system¡¦s overall capacity. Initial, gradual introductions into refrigeration product lines are planned for the first half of 2006.