Cooling a drink in a few minutes will be possible soon!

Juno, which is a prototype of "reverse microwave", was featured during the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) that was held from January 7- 10, 2020 in Las Vegas.

The Consumer Electronic Show is held annually in January in Las Vegas. It is a trade show dedicated to technological innovation in electronics for individuals. For instance, in 1970, the first videotape recorder was featured during CES!

This year, an innovation in refrigeration was featured by the company Matrix Industries which specialises in thermoelectric technologies. It is currently developing Juno, a kind of reverse microwave which can cool a drink stored at room temperature in no time. This application might prove useful to replacehotels minibars and might provide energy-saving: the drink is cooled when about to be consumed, instead of being stored for several days orl weeks in a refrigerator, which increases the latter’s electrical consumption.

The device is currently functional: the company’s next challenge will be to make it more compact and more user-friendly so that it can be marketed.

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