Corporate members: news

- During the IIAR's 2008 Ammonia Refrigeration and Conference, the first fundraising event, a golf tournament, was held in order to launch Ammonia Refrigeration Foundation actions. The recently formed foundation will promote charitable, educational and scientific projects related to the use of ammonia and other natural refrigerants. Contributions from corporations and individuals will also be sought. - J&E Hall's JCC cellar cooler will be chilling wines and beers to perfection in a bar within a major government building in Westminster, London. The JCC cellar cooler was selected on the basis of its competitive price and energy efficiency. Whereas most coolers operate at around 12°C, the JCC low-noise, compact cooler can operate at temperatures as low as 4°C and are electronically controlled. - Cetim, a technical centre for mechanical engineers, has a total staff of 730 and runs projects in many countries. A few examples of its activities: Cetim provides a broad range of testing programmes for the agri-food industry for validation of closure quality and container permeation resistance, and also tests the watertightness of CO2 air-conditioning circuits for car - BASF SE has published its Report 2007, which for the first time combines the company's financial and sustainability reporting in a single publication. By integrating data related to the environment and social responsibility in its financial reporting, BASF is again playing a pioneering role. The full Report 2007 is available at and a short version is also available: