Corporate members: news

Founded in 2003, Playcube SARL, a new IIR corporate member based in France, has developed FreezCube, a simple monitoring device which provides useful information related to the safety of frozen foods stored in freezers: FreezCube confirms that the freezer's temperature is -18°C (0°F) or lower, indicates that unsafe thawing has occurred - even if the products have re-frozen - and allows evaluation of the time remaining for safe food consumption. It is composed of 4 coloured liquids which react in ways similar to those of foods. If a power failure occurs, the coloured liquids melt independently in the lower chamber in a variable manner as they approach the following temperatures: blue (-10°C, 14°F), green (-6°C, 21°F), yellow (-2°C, 28°F) and red (0°C, 32°F). FreezCube is now distributed worldwide.