Cryotherapy benefits

- Insep, the French institute dealing with sport, expertise and performance (Institut national du sport, de l’expertise et de la performance) is using cryotherapy on a large scale. Athletes in bathing costumes don gloves, slippers and a headband, pass through a chamber at –10°C and a chamber at -65°C before entering a third chamber at -110°C under the watchful eye of a physiotherapist monitoring patients via a porthole. The athletes are either preparing key events or being treated for conditions such as arthritis, inflammation and injuries, or are recovering following strenuous matches and activities. Maximum efficacy is achieved following 2 sessions a day for 10 days. The equipment used costs around 300 000 € and there are only 15 such centres in the world. Rugby and basketball players (including US players) come to the centre for treatment.
Le Monde, December 10, 2010
- Trendy spas are now offering cryotherapy. Ultramodern cryo-equipment has been used since 2003 at Haikko Spa, situated 50 km east of Helsinki, Finland. The Spa is annexed to a famous manor-hotel. The Univers Combi-system in use at Haikko consists of a two-method-unit working with both electricity and liquid nitrogen (closed circuit), said to be unique in the world. The method is fast, reliable and economic, but most important: it expands the treatment sphere. Whilst units working with electric compressor systems only are used to treat rheumatic disorders and joint pains, the combi-system is used to treat asthma, allergies, skin disorders (e.g. atopic conditions, psoriasis), post-operative healing of burns, etc. This is achieved thanks to the specific concentration of misty air and micro-crystallized ice particles in the combi-chamber.