Discover the new composition of the IIR's committees

During the statutory meetings that preceded the International Congress of Refrigeration, important announcements were made concerning the new structure of the IIR's various committees. These changes result from strategic decisions aimed at boosting and strengthening the scientific and technical activities of our organisation. 

Each name is specified as whether the appointment is for a second 4-year term (renewal) or a new 4-year term (new):


Science and Technology Council (STC) 


 President: Gérald Cavalier (renewal)


Heads of sections (vice-presidents):

Section A: Ales Srnka (new)  

Section B: Eckhard Groll (renewal)  

Section C: Judith Evans (renewal)  

Section D: Richard Lawton (renewal)  

Section E: Xianting Li (new)


Presidents of Commissions:   

Commission A1: Steffen Grohmann (new)  

Commission A2: Peng Zhang (renewal)  

Commission B1: Lorenzo Cremaschi (new)  

Commission B2: Ji Hwan Jeong (renewal)  

Commission C1: Vincent Boudy (new)  

Commission C2: Alain Le Bail (renewal)  

Commission D1: Armin Hafner (new)  

Commission D2: Silvia Minetto (renewal)  

Commission E1: Yunting Ge (new)  

Commission E2: Graeme Maidment (new)  


Management Committee 


President (and president of the Executive Committee): Radim Čermák (new)


Representatives of the Executive Committee (vice-presidents of the EC):  

Björn Palm (renewal)  

Paul Kohlenbach (new)  

Seiichi Yamagychi (Japan) (new)  


Representatives of the STC:   

Eckhard Groll (new)  

Judith Evans (renewal)  

Xianting Li (new)  


President of the General Conference: Min Soo Kim (renewal)


These changes reflect our ongoing commitment to innovation and advancement in refrigeration science and technology. The new leadership teams will bring fresh ideas and valuable expertise to guide the IIR towards a successful and innovative future. 


We look forward to working together to meet the exciting challenges ahead. 


Stay tuned for more thrilling news on the IIR’s future activities under this new leadership.