Drinks turned ice cold in under 45 seconds

The V-Tex, a machine that uses an innovative , turns beverages from room temperature to 4°C in 45 seconds or less.
The V-Tex is a machine that uses an innovative technique to turn beverages from room temperature to 4°C in 45 seconds or less, reducing the need for mass refrigeration.

According to its creators, led by the UK’s Enviro-Cool, rapid chilling has been attempted before, but other methods leave fizzy drinks flat or turn the outside into ice before the rest of the beverage has cooled.
To avoid this, The V-Tex method rotates the can or bottle at just the right speed to create a Rankine vortex, which agitates the liquid and preserves the carbonation when the drink is subjected to freezing temperatures.
At the same time, it is rotated around a second axis to avoid the occurrence of an outer vortex which would cool faster than an inner one. The entire chilling process takes less than 45 seconds.

2 machines have been developed: one suitable for retail and one domestic version which can quickly cool bottles of champagne, wine or beer.

According to the developers, this solution uses up to 80 percent less energy than continuous refrigeration, cutting costs for retailers and offering an environmentally-friendly and convenient way for homes and work environments to chill drinks.