DuPont develops a new foam expansion agent

FEA-1100, DuPont’s latest foam expansion agent, has an excellent environmental profile. It is characterized by zero ozone depletion potential and low global warming potential (9.4). DuPont indicates that FEA-1100 has a short atmospheric lifetime: approximately 16 days. It also has low vapour thermal conductivity, providing excellent insulation performance. Testing according to ASTM E 681 Standard Test Method for Concentration Limits of Flammability of Chemicals (Vapors and Gases) indicated non-flammability at temperatures of 60°C and at 100°C. The non-flammability enables the safe use of FEA-1100 in a broad range of applications. FEA-1100 is a stable liquid at room temperature, with a boiling point >25°C. This eliminates the handling and processing issues associated with the use of lower boiling FEAs such as HFC-245fa, allowing optimal FEA level in formulations to provide desired foam properties.