Editorial by Didier Coulomb

The IIR's mission is to disseminate the outcomes of research on refrigeration technologies and applications. Through its Framework Programmes for Research and Technological Development (FPRD) the European Union regularly funds major research projects operated on a call-for-bids basis on a regular basis through. The 2008 edition had a cold-chain component. Several bidders asked the IIR to handle the dissemination of research outcomes aspect of their projects. The IIR accepted to handle this, and will continue to do so for other projects, because this is an essential part of the IIR's mission, and involves cooperation with a number of IIR members in most EU countries or allied countries within FPRDs. The FRISBEE (Food Refrigeration Innovations for Safety, consumers Benefit, Environmental impact and Energy optimization along the cold chain in Europe) project was accepted and will be launched in September 2010. The IIR will handle the dissemination of the outcomes of the research work through workshops and conferences that will open to everyone interested, beginning with the Prague Congress in August 2011 - you are cordially invited to attend this flagship event: www.icr2011.org; the IIR will also publish summarizing documents, starting in 2012. This new action will be coordinated with our other conference, publications and working-party activities and data available via our Fridoc database. We therefore hope to provide you with additional practical data in the near future and hope to enhance your performance in this manner. Didier Coulomb Director of the IIR