Editorial by Didier Coulomb

Since the beginning of the year, the Focus section of the Newsletter has dealt with environmental measures in general and measures addressing HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons) in particular that have already been adopted or are foreseen in various countries and at UN level. All of our information points to the same issue: decisions are imminent. The next meeting of the Parties to the Montreal Protocol (Port Ghalib, Egypt, November 2009) and the next meeting of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (Copenhagen, Denmark, December 2009) is likely to confirm this. The IIR, in its capacity as an intergovernmental organization, will actively participate and will keep you informed. This issue presents (see "Regulations-Standardization" section) various national implemented or imminent measures in particular. These measures are designed to control, tax or ban HFCs completely or in certain sectors. However, a new American (Canada, USA, Mexico) proposal has emerged and will be presented in Port Ghalib and Copenhagen. This proposal embodies a gradual phase-down in the production and use of HFCs with 2033 as end-point. This proposal is similar to that proposed by Mauritius and Micronesia in July, but is less restrictive. Even if these proposals are not adopted within the framework of the United Nations, they clearly demonstrate that whatever the arguments, whatever the current stances of various countries, it will be necessary, in the near future, to greatly restrict the amount of new equipment running on HFCs in a manner similar to that adopted for HCFCs. Of course, energy efficiency and cost issues are also very important, and the IIR monitors these issues closely. However, it is vital to be ready for regulations on HFCs and we will assist you. Didier Coulomb, Director of the IIR