Editorial by Eric Granryd

The IIR is by no means a young organization- it will soon celebrate its 100th anniversary- but is using modern management approaches. Thus, earlier this year the IIR formed a new independent committee to examine achievements arising from the Strategic Plan 2000-2003 and to prepare recommendations for the future. Members of this Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) came from four continents, and were in different age groups. Rather than focusing on the IIR's key achievements, the committee's in-depth analysis deliberately used the IIR's weaknesses as a starting point for their discussion and suggestions. The SPC presented its findings to the Management Committee, the Science and Technology Council and the Executive Committee. The major recommendations in its report were examined, considered relevant and adopted by these committees. All meetings of the SPC and the above-mentioned statutory committees were conducted in a positive atmosphere. I would like to thank all members of the SPC for their efforts. The report gives a good basis for future work. It will be of great value and guidance for Didier Coulomb when he takes office as Director of IIR in October this year. I welcome him and wish him good luck in his important new position. Eric Granryd President of the General Conference of the IIR