Figures: France

- According to Cemagref, the French agri-food sector represents 24 million tons of refrigerated food, 4000 factories, 1600 warehouses (over 2000 m3), 8800 super- and hypermarkets, 60 000 local stores, 75 000 temperature-controlled vehicles, 36 million household refrigerators and freezers. It also represents 25 000 tons of refrigerant, 30-35 TWh of electricity consumed per year and 2% of the greenhouse gases emitted. - Regarding household refrigerators, according to Gifam, in 2000, the cost of a B-rated combined refrigerator was 500 € and energy consumption cost was 550 € for a 10-year period. In 2008, the cost of a more efficient A+-rated combined refrigerator is the same but the energy consumption cost is only 300 € over the same period. If in 2009 people purchasing a refrigerator select a A+-rated one rather than a A- or B-rated one, the total energy saved would be that of a city of 600 000 inhabitants.