Find out who are the top 10 most active countries on the IIR website!

Since its overhaul in 2020, traffic to the IIR website has doubled and it has seen a drastic increase in the number of visitors from least developed countries. Find out who have been the top 10 most active countries on the IIR website over the past year.

As an independent intergovernmental organisation, and the only one in the world to gather scientific and technical knowledge in every sector of refrigeration, the IIR prides itself on its international outreach.


Since the overhaul of its website in 2020, the IIR has seen a drastic increase and geographic shift in the number of visitors to its website from least developed countries.

Over the past 10 months, the top 10 most active countries on the IIR website, in terms of the percentage of all visitors, are:

  1. France 15.2%
  2. USA 11.6%
  3. India 6.5%
  4. UK 5.4%
  5. China 4.4%
  6. Germany 3.3%
  7. Italy 2.8%
  8. Canada 2.6%
  9. Spain 2.2%
  10. Netherlands 2.1%


Growing demand from developing markets


Among the top 100 countries most active on the IIR website, the biggest increase in terms of visitors are:

  • Namibia +133%
  • Benin +93%
  • Togo +73%
  • Luxembourg +70%
  • Madagascar +68%
  • China +65%
  • Burkina Faso +48%
  • Democratic Republic of the Congo +46%
  • Kazakhstan +46%
  • Mali +45%

Many of these nations are among the least developed countries in the world.

Not only does this highlight the growing demand for refrigeration across the globe, and particularly in developing economies, but it also stresses the increasing need for international partnerships and collaboration.


Many thanks to the IIR network!


Thanks to the IIR network, many of its publications (Informatory Notes, guides,…) have been translated into languages other than French and English, over the past months, allowing for more visibility and accessibility to a wider international audience.

Many thanks to the Delegates of IIR member countries, national associations, and all IIR Commission members who have helped translate IIR resources.


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