First meeting of the IIR Working Group on Dehumidification in Air Conditioning

The IIR Commission E1 Working Group (WG) on “Dehumidification in Air Conditioning”, chaired by Baolong Wang and Xu Zhang, held its first meeting during the IIR-co-sponsored Purdue conferences on July 9, 2018.

During the IIR-co-sponsored Purdue conferences, the IIR Commission E1 Working Group (WG) “Dehumidification in Air Conditioning”, chaired by Baolong Wang and Xu Zhang, held its first meeting on July 9, 2018. About 20 experts participated.

After an introduction to the WG by Baolong Wang, two presentations on “Separate Sensible and Latent Cooling” and “Simultaneous control of indoor air temperature and humidity using a variable speed air conditioner” were made respectively by Yunho Hwang and Shiming Deng.

During the discussion, it has been stressed that humidity control is becoming more and more important for comfort, which means an increase in the energy consumption. The energy efficiency to handle the sensible heat has been largely improved. Enhancing the energy efficiency during dehumidification is the key to improve the energy performance of the whole air conditioning system. Furthermore, a lot of unnecessary energy is consumed in order to control the humidity in industry and important energy savings are possible if air is properly dehumidified.

Chemical dehumidification and membrane dehumidification are potential technologies to be considered for future air conditioning systems.



The expected deliverables of the WG include an IIR Informatory Note, reports and academic and review papers on this topic.

All information related to this WG and the papers presented during the meeting are available on the new dedicated web page on the IIR website following this link.