Focus on the last events in June 2021

In June 2021, the IIR organised two conferences: Thermag and HFO. It also participated in the European Conferences on the latest technologies in refrigeration and air conditioning organised by Centro Studi Galileo and in the International Women in Engineering Day in Tunisia. 

Thermag 2021 praises its best presentations  


Held online for the very first time, the 9th IIR International Conference on Caloric Cooling and Applications of Caloric Materials, commonly known as Thermag, took place on June 7-11.  

The conference, hosted by the University of Maryland, College Park (US), welcomed over 200 participants from across the globe and featured 7 keynote presentations.  

The winners of the best presentations are:  

  • Best pre-recorded presentation — Using machine learning to design a large-scale magnetic circuit —Fábio Fortkamp, Luís Felipe, et al.  
  • Best student pre-recorded presentation — Giant electrocaloric materials energy efficiency in highly ordered lead scandium tantalate —Youri Dilan, Nouchokgwe Kamgue, et al.  
  • Best livestream presentation — Development of the Magnetocaloric Part of a Hybrid Multisource Heat Pump — Christian R.H. Bahl, Marvin Masche, et al.  
  • Best student livestream presentation — SUSSTAIN-EL: the numerical model of the first Italian elastocaloric device — Luca Cirillo, Adriana Rosaria Farina, et al.  


Download the book of abstracts  


Save the date: Thermag 2022 will take place on August 28 – September 2 in Ljubljana (Slovenia)  


HFO 2021 welcomes over 155 participants  


Providing a focus on the global experience of the use of low flammable A2L classification refrigerants, which encompass new generation HFO refrigerants, the 2nd IIR Conference on HFO Refrigerants and Low GWP Blends was held online on June 16-18.  

Over 155 delegates from 14 countries participated in this key conference, organised by the Japanese Society for Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineers (JSRAE), which featured 53 cutting-edge papers, 12 keynotes and 2 dynamic workshops.  


Save the date: HFO 2023 will take place in April in Shanghai (China)  


The 19th European Conference covers the latest technologies in refrigeration and air conditioning  


On June 10-11, 2021, the 19th edition in this conference series took place as a hybrid event and welcomed over 250 experts.  

A Centro Studi Galileo event, the conference was held in collaboration with the United Nations which invited leading scientific authorities from all over the world to share insight on the developments in these fields, including the Director General of the IIR, Didier Coulomb.  

The 20th edition of the Conference is set to take place on June 8-9, 2023



The IIR joins the celebration of the International Women in Engineering Day in Tunisia (2021)  


The IIR joined the Order of Tunisian Engineers (OIT) and the Tunisian Association of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (ATRC) to celebrate the International Women in  Engineering Day (INWED). The event took place at the OIT headquarters in Tunis on June 23, 2021. The Deputy Director (Ms. Ina COLOMBO) as well as the Project Manager (Ms. Yosr ALLOUCHE) of the IIR joined the event via the Zoom platform in the context of sharing experience in the refrigeration sector. The INWED gathered many Tunisian and international women, engineers and academics from different areas: mechanics, telecommunications and IT, aeronautics. This event aimed not only to expand the network of Tunisian women engineers and to share knowledge and experiences both nationaly and internationally, but also to motivate young engineering students to successfully complete their studies and start their carriers in the best possible conditions. The seminar workshops emphasised the importance of women engineers for business in particular and for civil society in general. The speakers also discussed the possibilities of improving their working conditions and environment that would allow them to grow both professionally and personally.