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With more than 109,000 indexed resources, FRIDOC is the world’s most comprehensive database dedicated to refrigeration information. Discover the latest improvements!


FRIDOC, the IIR database, covers every sector of the field, and compiles quality content from scientific and technical works from across the globe.


The database is fully accessible online and is recognised as the leading platform for seminal informative documentation on refrigeration, and includes scientific papers from IIR conferences, review articles, technical guides, reports, training material and much more.


New and improved services


It is now even easier to find quality material from IIR co-sponsored conferences in FRIDOC. To access this exclusive content, simply use the search filter under "Document category".

The database also offers an exclusive selection of documents “Recommended by the IIR”.


FRIDOC at a glance!


  • Over 109,000 documents
  • Content available in over 20 languages
  • More than 80,000 individual authors
  • Over 90 countries represented





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