Geothermal energy to power a cold storage facility

Two remote off-grid villages on a Fijian island are looking forward to their first reliable source of refrigeration thanks to their local hot spring.

In Fiji, two remote villages located on the tiny island of Vanua Levu do not have any refrigeration system to preserve food. But they do have hot springs. Professor Regenauer-Lieb from the University of New South Wales in Sydney therefore put forward the idea to pipe hot water from those hot springs (which is coming out of the ground at 70 °C) to power an absorption chilling facility in Natewa Bay. According to Regenauer-Lieb, this would represent a reliable renewable approach to cooling in villages and urban areas.

The technology has already been proven in Alaska, where a hot spring delivers ice for a museum throughout the year. According to Regenauer-Lieb, with deeper drilling, geothermal energy could power the entire island as well as the neighboring islands.

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