Global 2010 compressor market overview

World rotary compressor production in 2010 increased substantially over 2009 to reach 112.5 million units. 80% of rotary compressors are produced in China. The leading manufacturers are Meizhi and Shanghai Hitachi. Rotary compressors have broadly expanded their application from room air conditioners to medium- and large-capacity packaged air conditioners and chillers in the refrigeration field.
Sales of scroll compressors in 2010 are estimated at around 14 million units compared with 13 million units in 2009. Among the broad range of scroll applications, residential applications account for the largest share with demand continuing to expand. The US and China are the largest compressor markets and Copeland (Emerson) the leading manufacturer.
China has the world’s largest screw compressor market, followed by the US and Europe. Over 2/3rds of screw compressors are used in medium- and high-capacity air-conditioning systems such as water chillers and air-source heat pump chillers. In recent years, higher capacity and compact screw compressors have been developed for use in applications traditionally covered by centrifugal and scroll compressors.
Most centrifugal compressors are made for chiller applications for which demand in 2010 experienced gradual recovery. The US has the world’s largest centrifugal market and Trane, Carrier, York and McQuay the leading manufacturers.
Use of reciprocating compressors has been gradually decreasing in air-conditioning applications and is linked to rising use of scroll, screw and even rotary compressors. Sales of reciprocating compressors for refrigerators continue to demonstrate steady growth,especially in emerging countries such as China, India and Brazil. Embraco is the world leader in household refrigerator compressors.
Inverter technology is being increasingly adopted in almost all types of compressors in order to improve energy efficiency during part-load operation.
Korean companies saw huge growth in 2010: during the last 5 months of 2010. LG sold 3.6 million compressors, this being a 130% increase compared with the same period the previous year, and Samsung sold 2.3 million units during the same period, this being a 126% increase over 2009 figures.
JARN, February 25, 2011