Global air-conditioning market in 2010

Despite the debt crisis in the euro zone in early 2010, global air-conditioner demand still achieved significant expansion in 2010 due to strong growth in emerging economies, particularly China and India, and extremely hot summer weather in many parts of the world. JARN estimates that the total global air-conditioner market in 2010 was 81.06 million units, a year-on-year increase of 9.6%.
The Chinese and Indian markets both showed strong growth, with the former expanding to 29.8 million units (+30%) and the latter to 3.4 million units (+33%). In China, measures to encourage purchase of home appliances in rural areas have been highly successful. In India, sales of mini-splits overtook those of window units for the first time in 2010; low-priced mini-splits aimed at the middle class are showing particularly strong growth.
Recovery can be seen in North as well as in Latin America. The northeast of America and Canada experienced a particularly hot summer, which drove demand particularly for residential mini-splits.
South-east Asia also experienced sweltering summer temperatures that caused room air-conditioner sales to soar in Thailand, Vietnam and Indonesia in particular.
Economic recovery in Europe is slower than expected and AC markets in southern European countries such as Greece and Spain were sluggish. Meanwhile, demand for small units – particularly inverter units – was up in France, and packaged AC demand increased in Germany. Sales in Russia staged a strong comeback in 2010 and continue to look strong in 2011. Russia could even become Europe’s largest market in the future.
JARN, January 25, 2011