HCFC phase-down in Morocco

Under the Montreal Protocol, Morocco is reducing its consumption and imports of R22.
Under the Montreal Protocol, Morocco should stop importing HCFC by 2040 (the deadline is 2030 for developed countries). For 2018, according to the implemented gradual phase-down of imported HFCs, the Moroccan State Secretariat for Foreign Trade has set the total quota of R22 to be imported at 549.45 metric tonnes. This represents a 16% decrease compared to 2017.

The imports of R22 to Morocco are divided between 19 companies. Detailed quotas have been recently established by the State Secretariat for Foreign Trade for 13 of them, which import 90% of the total volume of R22. The remaining 10% is reserved for new companies.


In Morocco, the refrigeration sector is made up of more than 600 companies. The air conditioning market is growing thanks to housing sector needs (both individuals and real estate developers), which represent 85% of the market. Administrations and companies represent 10% of the market, and industry just 5%.

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