HCFC phase-out in Russia.

At the 7th edition of Climate World Expo (Mir Klimata), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) prepared HVAC&R experts for HCFC phase-out in Russia. Ammonia is actively promoted by UNIDO through various industry-led projects.
The exhibition brought together many Russian and foreign manufacturers. The accompanying Business Program, organized by UNIDO and the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources on March 1-4, 2011, targeted heating, refrigeration and cooling experts interested in an update on efforts to replace HCFC refrigerants in Russia. One day was entirely dedicated to “Ecology and Energy Efficiency”, with a focus on measures to introduce natural refrigerants in Russia. UNIDO representatives from Europe and Russia updated engineers and industry decision-makers about project results involving the use of natural refrigerants, about all available alternatives to HCFC refrigerants suitable for Russian applications, and programmes to increase the use of green building standards and scrapping schemes for end-of-life equipment.
In its first official magazine destined for the Russian market, UNIDO draws attention to the importance of using ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrocarbons as viable alternatives to ozone-depleting and high global warming refrigerants. In Russia, the promotion of wider use of ammonia is a priority under UNIDO-GEF-led programmes for the HVAC&R industry.
UNIDO highlighted in its various presentations the need for better education and general awareness-raising regarding the environmental and economic effects of R22, high-GWP refrigerants and energy-inefficient equipment. Priorities include the improvement of energy efficiency in the HVAC&R industry, more professional training for engineers, and the introduction of new standards and regulations.