HFCs: projected emissions

Two recent studies on projected emissions of HFCs have been published: - US: according to the June 2010 US Climate Action report under the UNFCCC, from 2005 through 2020, total US greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are projected to rise by 4% under a "with measures" scenario, from 7109 Tg CO2eq to 7416 Tg CO2eq. According to the report, with additional mitigation measures, such as those that would be implemented under the American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009, the US would have a GHG reduction goal of 17% by 2020, though US GDP is projected to grow by 40% over that period. Over the same period 2005-2020, emissions of HFCs are estimated to increase by 140% from 116 Tg CO2eq (1.6% of all GHGs) to 279Tg CO2eq (3.8%). This projection does not take into account reductions which could result from a possible adoption of the amendment to the Montreal Protocol proposed by the US, Canada and Mexico (see Focus). - EU: in a report prepared for the European Commission, IIASA provides estimations on HFC emissions evolutions from 2005 to 2030 in the European Union (EU-27) for various applications of the refrigeration sector: Overall, HFC emissions from these refrigeration applications are projected to increase by 50% during the period 2005-2030. www.state.gov/documents/organization/140636.pdf http://ec.europa.eu/environment/climat/pdf/climat_action/non_co2emissions_may2010.pdf