HVAC equipment sales in Brazil: brief outlook for 2013

Sales growth in the air-conditioning, refrigeration, ventilation and solar heating (refrigeration market) segments is being driven by the Brazilians’ increased purchasing power, expansion and modernization of factories and commercial spaces.
Sales growth in the air-conditioning,  refrigeration, ventilation and solar heating  (refrigeration market) segments is being  driven by the Brazilians’ increased  purchasing power, expansion and  modernization of factories and  commercial spaces.

This is compounded by the expansion  in infrastructure works stimulated by  the arrival of the World Cup and the Olympics.

The favorable outlook should generate good business for the refrigeration market in the coming years, according to the Brazilian Association of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Heating (ABRAVA). The ABRAVA association estimates an 8% growth in 2013, a figure higher than the 2.9% projected for GDP.

Even with the high tax burden and high dollar, the refrigeration market is expected to reach USD 15 billion in revenue. Of this total, the industry represents close to USD 9.9 billion, primarily driven by refrigeration in the transport and storage of food and beverages; followed by commerce, USD 2.4 billion; and services, USD 2.5 billion.

Regionally, the South East holds 61% of the sector, followed by the South, with 13%. The newest trend is that the North is increasing its participation, which now accounts for 10%, the Midwest with 9% and the North with 7%.

Source: Embraco