IC2015 Workshops: An opportunity to join, share and build together

ICR2015: A chance to actively participate in the innovation of refrigeration.
A stimulating environment for dynamic exchanges

Quality workshops are pivotal to the International Congress Refrigeration (ICR) programme and this year’s selection covers a wide range of designs, the demonstrations, and application of techniques.

Through presentations and round table discussions with audience participation, these workshops create a stimulating environment for dynamic exchanges on cutting-edge topics.

Engaging workshops for all fields of refrigeration

This year the proposed workshops do not fail to impress. With an exciting line-up of workshops set to explore the hottest topics on matters of refrigeration, the ICR2015 workshops will provide the perfect occasion to exchange with those that are building the refrigeration industry of tomorrow.

Each workshop, providing a lively atmosphere for the sharing of knowledge and expertise, will last approximately 100 minutes and consists of a panel of select experts from various fields of refrigeration.

Some of the 14 workshops already scheduled are:

  • DataBase and Simulation Tools for refrigeration on cold chain: Frisbee Database and Tools Time Length
  • Magnetic Refrigeration: Materials & Systems for Commercialization
  • “Environmentally Low Impact Cooling Technology” (ELICiT) EU Project
  • Current global status of transition to lower GWP alternatives by laws and regulations
  • IIR Working Group on Life Cycle Climate Performance Evaluation
  • Evaluating Low-GWP Refrigerants for Air-Conditioning Industry in High Ambient Temperature Countries
  • Heating and Power From Low Temperature Heat

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Magnetic Refrigeration for Commercial refrigerated appliances

This particular workshop will provide the ideal environment for debate related to the industrialisation of magnetic refrigeration systems (MRS) and its first integrations within commercial refrigerated equipment.

Magnetic cooling has been developed for commercial applications for more than 10 years. Today, stricter environmental regulations, specifically in Europe, drive the market to seek sustainable alternatives to refrigerant gas.

The presentations and panel discussions will give the opportunity to explore ways to speed up the market entrance of such a technology.

In a professional and vibrant atmosphere, you can discuss the steps to take before market introduction for display cases, medical refrigerators or tailor-made coolers, as well as analyse the constraints and opportunities in the market.

Catch up on the ELICiT EU Project

As previously announced (see related articles) the FP7 EU funded ELICiT Project will share research progress and outcomes of the technical partners. It will focus on the application of magnetic cooling technology to refrigeration appliances.

With great synergies and future collaborations, attendees will be fully briefed and understand the objectives and progress of this project.

Joint International Research opportunities: Low GWP Refrigerants

ICR 2015 will host the 2nd Joint International Workshop for low GWP refrigerants.

Following the first which took place in December 2014 in Padua, Italy, timely and reliable information and reports of thermodynamic and transport properties of new refrigerants will be presented.

The workshop will help to establish international collaborations for the research of thermophysical property measurements and heat transfer, and represent the recent achievement in this field worldwide. Key issues such as current global status, evaluating low GWP and risk assessment will also be addressed.

With the importance of global warming increasing on a worldwide scale, the development of new generation low GWP refrigerants and their mixtures is essential.

IIR Working Group on the Cold Chain in Warm Countries

Recently appointed chairperson, Halima Thraya (see related articles) will head the IIR Working Group (WG) on the Cold Chain in Warm Countries.

Focused on the vital role refrigeration technology plays in the food cold chain, the IIR WG on the Cold Chain in Warm Countries aims to create an equal playing field in developing countries as in developed countries.

This WG is set to hold its first workshop at ICR2015.

IIR Working Group on Life Cycle Climate Performance Evaluation

As announced in previous news (see related articles) the next and 7th LCCP workshop will allow you to catch up on the latest progress of IIR’s LCCP WG, whilst also presenting the already existing guidelines in place and discussing proposed LCCP guidelines and future works.

This WG is designed to assess the merits of different methods for evaluating the Life Cycle Climate Performance (LCCP) for refrigerating systems environmental impact of refrigerants and to produce implementation protocols for these methods, for use by decision makers and refrigeration stakeholders.

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