ICCC2014 in London

The UK hosted ICCC2014, the third IIR conference in the series, in June at St Mary's University College, London, UK.

On June 23-25, 2014, the UK hosted the 3rd International Institute of Refrigeration International Conference on Sustainability and the Cold Chain (ICCC2014) at St Mary's University College, London, UK.

This prestigious conference attracted over 100 papers from leading international researchers and industrialists. A unique event, at ICCC2014 attendees learned about the latest developments in sustainability, retail refrigeration and the cold chain over two days of papers, key note addresses, tours and workshops.

In addition, numerous networking opportunities provided a chance to meet and discuss with experts from the field:

  • The final FRISBEE workshop: As a partner in the dissemination work package, the IIR organised with FRISBEE partners, a workshop  that welcomed over 50 experts who attended presentations made by Epta, Star Refrigeration, SINTEF, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, CNRS (Centre national de la recherche scientifique) and Camfridge LTD on diverse topics related to the FRISBEE project.

  • . Student Networking Dinner: In partnership with the ICCC2014 organisers, the IIR hosted the first ever Student Networking Dinner during the main conference dinner on the 24th. A lively event, it gave 40 research students, young engineers and some of the leading names in the industry a chance to meet and talk. Attendees changed tables between dinner courses ensuring that everyone had a chance to network throughout the evening.

Find out more at: ior.org.uk/ICCC2014