ICR2023: ENOUGH, INDEE+ and SophiA conference papers are now online!

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The 26th International Congress of Refrigeration (ICR), held on August 21-25, 2023, was a resounding success, bringing together about 1,000 scientists, experts, technicians, and professionals in the field of refrigeration and air conditioning.

A total of 453 full papers were presented, providing a unique forum to present and disseminate the results of research, development, and innovation.


The IIR is a key partner in the ENOUGH, INDEE+ and SophiA projects, which were featured in the conference papers published and presented at ICR 2023.



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INDEE+ is an umbrella project including several projects that support India in a sustainable transition towards more environmentally friendly refrigeration and AC technologies.





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SophiA will enable a growing number of African populations to access carbon-neutral energy for electricity, heating and cooling of food and medicine as well as safe and clean drinking water, thereby increasing the quality of life in a sustainable way.




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The ENOUGH project aims to address all environmental concerns arising from the food sector. The main objective of ENOUGH is to support the EU’s sustainable farm to fork strategy by providing technical, financial and political tools and solutions to reduce GHG emissions and achieve climate neutrality in the food industry.