IIR Committee meetings

- The Management Committee (MC) of the IIR, chaired by H. van der Ree, met at the head office of the IIR on November 6, 2004. The MC held a large strategic debate on the future, the position of the IIR and communication to be developed, particularly regarding national organizations and young people. It decided to perform an audit on the Information Resources Department, to progressively launch electronic versions of the Bulletin and the Newsletter and to provide a wider access to Fridoc. The MC handled certain aspects of future congresses and the IIR's 100th anniversary. - During the meeting of the representatives of the Science and Technology Council (STC) to the MC on November 5, 2004, chaired by R. Heap, it was decided to rewrite the Note on the Role of IIR Commission Members and to specify more concrete responsibilities. Decisions were taken to publish the list of research institutions and projects on the IIR Web site after final review. - The Publications Sub-Committee of the STC, held an initial meeting on November 5, 2004. The Terms of Reference of this committee were finalized. Suggestions for new/updated IIR publications were discussed, particularly suggestions for IIR guides. The members of the STC and more generally all those interested in IIR activities will be consulted in order to better identify their needs and wishes in this field. It was also decided to harmonize the template of IIR books.