IIR committee meetings in Beijing

The Management Committee of the IIR met in Beijing on March 25, 2006. Two other meetings took place the same week: the Publications Sub-Committee (PSC) meeting and the meeting of the representatives of the Science and Technology Council to the Management Committee (STC-MC). The main decisions were: - to carefully target the number of copies of each book we produce (we currently have large stocks) and to produce electronic versions to a greater extent than paper versions; the latter could be printed on request; - to organize a series of conferences on the cold chain, after discussions by the STC and the Executive Committee next June; - to develop several tools used to celebrate the IIR's centenary, such as a video on the main fields of research and developments in refrigeration. These meetings also allowed fruitful discussions on member countries and IIR budgets. The main discussions were those held with the Chinese Association of Refrigeration (CAR) on the Congress in August 2007. We visited the good-quality, relatively inexpensive accommodation, and examined the different practical and scientific aspects of the Congress. The entire Management Committee appreciated CAR's hospitality and is looking forward to going back to Beijing next year for the Congress! Check out: www.icr2007.org