IIR Conference: Prague

Prague , Czech Republic , is to host three cryogenic conferences, Cryoprague 2006, on July 17-21, 2006 : Cryogenics 2006, an IIR conference, and 2 conferences to be co-sponsored, International Cryogenic Engineering Conference 21 (ICEC 21), International Cryogenic Materials Conference (ICMC'06). Cryogenics 2006 will cover: gas liquefaction, separation and purification, design of cryogenic equipment, cryogenics in industry, cryogenic technology in medicine and biology. ICEC 21 will deal with cryogenic technology, cryogenic processes and cryogenic equipment and ICMC'06 will focus on design materials at cryogenic temperatures, low-temperature and high-temperature superconductors, wire technology, material preparation techniques, properties of superconductors and material development. Deadlines: January 31, 2006 for abstracts and May 30, 2006 for papers. www.isibrno.cz/CryoPrague2006, icaris@icaris.cz