IIR member news: Linde

Linde uses cryogenic freezing to improve cuts.
Food processors are seeing increased demand for sliced products, such as delicatessen meats, according to Linde's food and beverage division. The company says its in-line cryogenic crust freezing (which rapidly freezes a thin outer layer of the food) increases the yield of high-speed slicing operations. It also improves the quality and repeatability of slicing, Linde claims.

Cryogenic freezing uses food-grade liquid carbon dioxide or liquid nitrogen to rapidly freeze a very thin layer of the product surface. This seals in moisture and fixes the shape of the food.

In-line cryogenic freezing is typically used with protein items such as delicatessen meats. It is also suitable for bakery and prepared goods such as artisan breads, bagels, rolls and dough.