IIR publications

The IIR is preparing 4 new publications that will be available by the end of 2007: - a booklet entitled Refrigeration Drives Sustainable Development which is an update of the 2002 report Refrigeration Sector Achievements and Challenges prepared for the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development; this booklet, prepared jointly with UNEP, is intended to be widely disseminated at the occasion of the UN conferences on ozone depletion in Montreal (September 2007) and climate change in Bali (December 2007); - an Informatory Note, Magnetic Refrigeration at Room Temperature, prepared by P. Egolf - Chairman of the IIR working party dedicated to this technology - and Ronald Rosensweig. It presents an overview of the latest developments in this promising environmentally friendly technology; - a new version of the IIR Guide on Energy Savings in Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps; the goal of this completely revised version prepared by Forbes Pearson and several IIR experts is to provide practical ways of minimizing the energy consumption of refrigerating systems, which represents 4/5ths of the global warming effect of the refrigeration sector; - a revised version of the IIR guide Ammonia as a Refrigerant prepared by Andy Pearson which aims at giving decision-makers and the public in general a better understanding of why ammonia is one of the most promising refrigerants in terms of physical and environmental properties.