IIR website: consult our courses!

The “Services and expertises” section of the IIR website includes a section on courses and training. The courses are among the most downloaded documents in 2022! 

The International Institute of Refrigeration has been collecting documentation in all areas of the sector for several decades. The provision of courses is more recent. They are available in the “services and expertises” menu of the website, in the “courses and training” section
The courses of the IIR are documents prepared by experts of the Institute, and presented at conferences or published in the form of books or PowerPoint documents. 
The other courses are publications proposed by IIR partner authors, or experts. Some are the result of European projects, such as SuperSmart, which aimed to carry out research on good practices to be implemented in order to reduce energy consumption, through education and information, or by modifying the way energy resources are used. 


Of the 34 courses available, only 3 are chargeable (they are indicated in bold on the page). 
A non-exhaustive list of several training courses is also available to users of the site. Any training organisation can contact the IIR at info@iifiir.org if they wish to add training material to this section. 
In 2022, the most downloaded course in English was:


Cover of the course on heat pumps


Heat pumps, by Renato Lazzarin


PowerPoint document with the main figures and characteristics of heat pumps.