IIR Working Party on “Energy Labelling in the Cold Chain”

The Terms of Reference of the new IIR Working Party (WP) "Energy labelling in the cold chain" have been approved. The main objective of this WP - chaired by Prof. Giovanni Cortella, Italy, and involving Commissions D1 and D2 - is to investigate effective energy labelling schemes for refrigerated storage, display and transport in the cold chain, and promote their diffusion. This WP will include 2 subgroups covering refrigerated storage (cold rooms, display cabinets, etc.) and refrigerated transport (land, marine, air) respectively. These two subgroups will act separately but with synergy, sharing expertise, information and initiatives. Should you be interested in participating in this working party, please contact Giovanni Cortella: giovanni.cortella@uniud.it People who are willing to participate should specify if they are interested in one or both the subgroups. Consult the Terms of Reference of this WP at www.iifiir.org/en/doc/wp/12.pdf