In 2023, join the IIR!

The International Congress of Refrigeration will take place in August in Paris. Remember to take your 2023 membership as soon as possible to benefit from significant discounts when registering. 

Didier Coulomb, Director General of the IIR, insisted on the importance of promoting refrigeration during this flagship year in his greetings for 2023. Many strategic projects should be launched in the run-up to COP28, including partnerships with the United Nations Environment Programme. 
2023 is also the year of the IIR’s famous Congress. It will be held this year in Paris in August: many quality papers will be presented on this occasion, and the various bodies of the IIR will be re-elected. The strategy of the IIR will also be discussed and determined at this event. 

Registration for the Congress is now open!

If you want to benefit from a discount of 190 euros on your registration, consider joining or re-joining the IIR! (Please note: IIR membership fees will increase by 5.2%* as of 1 February.)

*Inflation rate in France. Most of the IIR’s expenses are incurred in France.