Last month, INDEE+ participated in the 23rd edition of ACREX India in Delhi, focused on the theme “Powering Global HVAC Supply Chain”.

On 15 February 2024, INDEE+ took part in the 23rd edition of ACREX India in Delhi, focused on the theme “Powering Global HVAC Supply Chain” aiming at the rapid growth of the HVAC manufacturing sector in India. 


ACREX India is helping local and international  manufacturers connect with industry captains, government officials, industry stalwarts, end users, and many more, enabling them to achieve their business objectives. 


On a similar theme, the INDEE+ project team has participated to and conducted a conference on the “Successful Implementation of Natural Refrigerant Systems in India”. 


Regarding INDEE+ project, it is an ongoing Indo-Norwegian project about the future of refrigerants, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) and coordinated by the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Norway. 


The workshop focused on the current status of the establishment of the project’s upcoming demosites and educational/training units in various parts of India. 


Ms. Beate Langset, Counsellor, Royal Norwegian Embassy, New Delhi, welcomed participants and speakers by opening the session and highlighting the collaboration between MFA and NTNU Norway. Mr. Vivek Kumar, Sr. Advisor, MFA, was also present at the event and was a great support to the INDEE+ team members. 


The workshop was hosted by key speaker Dr. Simarpreet Singh, Post Doctorate Researcher, NTNU Norway, giving an overview of the new heat pump/chiller units in kitchens, maritime, hospitals and details about the first R744 heat pump/chiller unit installed in a hotel. Prof. M. P. Maiya (IIT Madras) presented how R744 became the preferred refrigerant, Prof. M.S. Dasgupta (BITS Pilani) highlighted R290 flake ice machine, Mr. Aditya Garg (CEEW) discussed refrigerants transition in India, Dr. Pradeep Gupta (IISc Bangalore) showed progress on INDEE+ educational units, Mr. Vinod Laguri (IISc Bangalore) demonstrated school kitchen and Sumit Kumar (CIFT Kochi) discussed R744/R717 cascade unit for fisheries. Last but not least, Ms. Langset presented a vote of thanks to all the participants and attendees including industrial manufacturers and technocrats. As a token of appreciation, she emphasised how such a project in collaboration is significant in terms of eco-friendly revolution in the HVAC&R sector in India as well as for a carbon-neutral future.




It has always been a pleasure for the INDEE+ team to host such a platform at international level to showcase the real-world changes eco-friendly demosites are making. As INDEE+ is creating various milestones in establishing clean technology solutions in India, INDEE+ planned in 2024 to disseminate the performance of the demosites compared to the existing solutions. INDEE+ efforts would eventually spotlight the practicality of eco-friendly clean technology solutions in tropical climatic contexts and for wider applications.