INWIC at ICR 2023: An inspirational event in the fight for gender equality in the refrigeration sector

At ICR 2023, the IIR’s CaRe (Career in Refrigeration) working group organised an INWIC (International Network of Women in Cooling) round table on Monday 21st August 2023. This  discussion panel kicked off the Congress right after the opening ceremony.

The round table gathered four women from various sectors of the HVACR industry (international organisation, government, industry, and research and education). The panellists were questioned on their views, based on their experience on how women could overcome the barriers to enhance their careers’ paths. It was a very rewarding event where INWIC’s new incentives were strongly promoted by its presidents (Colleen Keyworth and Ina Colombo) to attract more members. 


Finally, the INWIC session was an opportunity to announce and congratulate Dr Yosr Allouche, the first woman to be elected as the IIR Director General since its creation in 1908. A powerful and inspiring symbol in the fight for gender equality in the refrigeration sector! 


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