ICR 2023: It was nice to meet you at our booth!

The IIR’s booth received a large number of visitors. From regulars who came to say hello to curious onlookers drawn by the extensive display to participants looking for information, exchanges were varied and fruitful! 

During the International Congress of Refrigeration 2023, the IIR’s booth stood out for the abundance of documents on offer:


  1. Flyers announcing future IIR and sponsored conferences in 2024: PCM, ICCC, Gustav Lorentzen, Compressors, Thermag, CHPC, etc. 
  2. Brochures on ongoing projects: ENOUGH, SophiA, etc. 
  3. As well as a wide selection of recent Informatory Notes. 

“I’ll take one more” – a sentence repeated many times over the week, as Informatory Notes confirmed their status as hit publications. Covering all topics related to refrigeration, they gave every participant something to read, whatever their speciality. 


Among the most widely distributed were the latest two issues: “Use of Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning” and “Flammable Refrigerants”, published just in time for the congress. “Air-source Heat Pumps for Space Heating and Cooling” and “High-Temperature Heat Pumps for Industrial Applications” were also a resounding success, even though ICR 2023 superstar was indisputably “Renewable Energy Today – A Quick Overview”, with a highly topical subject. 


However, what really made an impression was the top-quality meetings. The team was delighted to talk in person with the experts, commission members and member countries’ delegates who collaborate with the head office all year round. Many participants also showed an interest in becoming members of the IIR and taking part in its projects or in being put in contact with its network of experts. 


We hope to see them all again soon!