Italy limits air conditioning to 25°C

The country has set a limit on air conditioning in schools, post offices and other public buildings. The temperature cannot be lower than 25°C from May 1, 2022. 

Italy is facing a major energy crisis, accentuated by the war in Ukraine. Indeed, Russia has until now supplied 43.3% of the gas imported into Italy. 
During the month of April, the country multiplied agreements with African countries to obtain gas supplies: Algeria, Egypt, Angola, Congo... 
An energy rationing system dubbed “Operation Thermostat” should help the country reduce its dependence on Russian gas. 
After having launched at the beginning of April: “Do you prefer peace or running air conditioning?”, Mario Draghi and his government decided to limit the air-conditioning temperature to 27 ° C, with a tolerance of -2°C (limiting the temperature to a minimum of 25°C). 
An identical limitation should come into force for heating next winter, with a limitation to 19°C, with a tolerance of +2°C  (thus limiting the temperature to 21°C maximum).