Join our training course and officially become a new Ambassador for clean cooling and heating!

Experts and representatives from three sister projects in different regions of the world: ENOUGH in Europe, INDEE+ in India and ACES in Africa are arranging a free one-hour training course on clean cooling and heating solutions, open to all ICR participants.  

F-gas regulation, PFAS issues and the current environmental challenge have significantly contributed to accelerating the transition to environmentally friendly cooling and heating solutions in high-income countries. Although this is a global issue, synthetic refrigerants are still produced and applied in low- and medium-income countries. Raising awareness, adopting new regulations and initiatives to improve market acceptability are priorities for initiating the transition. 


In this context, a training course on clean cooling and heating Solutions will take place at the ICR. IIR experts and representatives of ENOUGH and INDEE+ projects as well as the African Centre of Excellence for sustainable cooling and cold chain ACES will offer a free training on why and how to promote clean and sustainable cooling and heating technologies.  


The event will take place on Monday 21 August 2023 from 11h55 to 12h55 in room 352A  (see the full workshop agenda here). Participants are requested to subscribe following this link. First come, first served! A limited number of places (120) will be reserved for the first subscribers. Participants will receive personalised certificates issued by the IIR, SINTEF and NTNU stating "New Ambassador for Clean Cooling and Heating solutions". A networking talk with IIR experts will be arranged at the end of the event. We look forward to seeing you there!