JSRAE visit to Paris: A new chapter in refrigeration collaboration

From 20 to 27 June 2024, the Japanese Society of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers (JSRAE) visited Paris to meet with the French Association of Refrigeration (AFF). A delegation from JSRAE included representatives from Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology, Waseda University, JARN, Panasonic, Mitsubishi electric, Daikin Europa and Sandenvendo.


During this fruitful week, JSRAE also engaged in strategic discussions with the Director General of the IIR, Didier Coulomb and the incoming Director General (October 2024), Yosr Allouche.


The focus of these high-level meetings was to explore new avenues for collaboration and partnership between JSRAE and IIR. A key highlight of the discussions was the presentation by the IIR of its strategic plan for 2024-2028. Among the Institute's top priorities are initiatives aimed at building capacities for the safe use of environmentally friendly refrigerants and energy-efficient equipment.


In a commendable show of support, Panasonic has generously donated a 16 kW CO2 condensing unit to the IIR. This unit will serve as a crucial training facility, enhancing the Institute's efforts to educate and train professionals in the latest sustainable refrigeration technologies. The IIR extends its sincere gratitude to Panasonic for this noble contribution, which aligns perfectly with its mission to support climate action through innovative training programs.


This visit marks a significant step forward in the global refrigeration community's efforts to advance environmentally sustainable practices. The collaboration between JSRAE, IIR, and Panasonic exemplifies the collective commitment to fostering a sustainable future.


Further details on the IIR's strategic initiatives will soon be published on our website.


JSRAE delegation
JSRAE delegation visit to the IIR’s historic offices