Latest news from B-Medical Systems, Epta and GEA, three IIR corporate members

B Medical Systems, a global leader in the vaccine cold chain, is expanding its production capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Epta monitors R290 fridges in cashier-free store in Dubai and GEA provides a process technology for the world’s first carbon-neutral juice factory. 

B Medical Systems 

B Medical Systems is a manufacturer and distributor of medical refrigerators, freezers and transportation systems. The Luxembourg-based company is an important player in the vaccine cold chain. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, B Medical systems has increased its production capacity by building a new 4,500m² extension to its factory, which should also generate around 150 jobs. 

B Medical Systems has been an IIR corporate member for 20 years. 



Epta is a multinational specialising in commercial refrigeration: it recently equipped Dubai’s first cashier-less supermarket with refrigerators running on R290.  

This supermarket is specific in that it is completely autonomous: consumers must have the supermarket application downloaded on their smartphone and can then enter the store by scanning a QR code. They choose their products and exit the store: cameras have recorded their purchases, and the bank card registered on the application is automatically debited when they leave the store. 

As the store is rather small (100 m²), compact refrigerators were required, capable of delivering consistent performance and maximum product visibility. The absence of staff in the store also made it necessary to use efficient control equipment. The system, Epta Remote Monitoring System, features a new user interface and an unmatched level of connectivity, sending information 24/7 to Epta's central monitoring station. The refrigerant used for these refrigerators is R290.   

Epta has been a member of the IIR for 44 years. 


GEA Refrigeration 

The GEA group is a major player in mechanical engineering and has a significant refrigeration business. Among other things, it develops refrigeration solutions for beverage manufacturers around the world. 

Innocent, a Coca-Cola subsidiary producing smoothies and fruit juices, recently opened its new factory in Rotterdam. Innocent has selected GEA to be one of its technological partners for the design and construction of this carbon neutral factory. This plant, called “the Blender”, is expected to produce nearly 300 million litres of chilled fruit juice per year, which represents 60% of Innocent’s production. 

GEA supplies the heating and cooling systems with two sets of heat pumps producing useful temperatures of 2300 kW at 65°C and 2500 kW at 90°C. These temperatures are obtained from the waste heat of the refrigeration installations. This heat source can, for example, be used to heat water allowing the pasteurization of products, and avoids the installation of conventional boilers, operating on fuel oil. Solar panels and wind turbines have also been installed to provide the energy needed to run the plant, with a view to carbon neutrality. 

GEA Refrigeration has been a member of IIR for 15 years.