Sales of domestic refrigerators on the rise in France in 2022

According to Gifam, a grouping of home appliance brands, sales of domestic refrigerators continued to grow in France in 2022, in a market that is stabilising.

Like every year, Gifam, the French grouping of home appliance brands, presented in February the results of the French household appliance sector for the previous year. [1]

The COVID-19 health crisis had largely benefited the household appliance market, as consumers massively equipped or re-equipped themselves. However, after a year of historic growth in 2021, the market stabilised at €9.7 billion in 2022, down slightly by -2.1% in value terms compared to 2021, but up by +12.3% compared to 2019, the last reference year before COVID-19.


Refrigeration accounted for 30% of the household appliance market in value terms in 2022 (just under €3 billion), with a 2.6% growth in turnover compared to 2021. Sales of refrigerators drove the refrigeration sector in 2022 (+3.9%). Gifam has noted a consumer craze for large capacity appliances such as multi-door units. Sales of refrigerated wine coolers (-3.7%) and freezers (-2.2%) declined in 2022 after good results in 2021.


According to the market research firm GfK, sales in the French household appliances sector are in line with the European average.  After very strong growth in Germany and France in 2021, this segment performed poorly in both countries in 2022. On the contrary, the segment grew in Italy and Spain, which did not experience exceptional sales in 2021. [2]