Market: EMEA HVAC&R market data: low profile

Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI), a European statistics bureau, recently published HVAC&R sales results in the Europe and Middle East zone (EMEA). The air-handling-unit market amounted to € 1.5 billion in 2009, despite a drop of approximately 15% in sales, while 2010 is expected to see the maintaining of current figures or, at best a slight increase of around 2%. With 1.8 million units sold in 2009, the fan-coil unit market has not recovered, contrary to what was eagerly expected: overall sales dropped around 20% in 2009 and a slight decrease close to stagnation was even predicted for 2010. Approximately 43200 roof-top units were sold in 2009, representing a 20% fall in sales that is likely to continue in the Middle East, while Europe should expect a recovery with a growth of around 5%. The chiller market, estimated at 110000 units sold in the EMEA zone in 2009, experienced weak growth, a trend which continued in 2010. As regards the type of technology used for chillers, air-to-water units accounted for three-quarters of the sales (mostly non-ducted), while water-to-water units represent a quarter of the sales. JARN, September 25, 2010