Market: Japanese heat pump market

A Japanese market research company has analysed the Japanese heat pump market for applications in Eco-Cute water heaters and air-conditioners and published a forecast for market development over the next 10 years. Growth expectations for the overall heat pump market are around 8.1% increase from a € 17.2 billion market in 2009 to a € 18.7 billion market by 2015. Waste heat recovery heat pumps accounted in 2009 for a € 8.4 million market share. This share is expected to rise to € 29 million by 2015 to reach € 60.7 million by 2020 (622% increase from 2009). The market for commercial heat pump water heaters reached € 30.9 million in 2009. With increased deployment in industrial cleaning and sterilization processes, this share is expected to rise to € 84.3 million by 2015 and to € 126.5 million by 2020 (309% increase from 2009). These predictions include both heat pumps using CO2 as refrigerant and those using HFCs. Heat pumps in vending machines held a market share of € 459.1 million which is forecasted to increase to € 1.1 billion by 2015, then slightly decrease to € 984.5 billion (114% increase from 2009). Heat pumps can considerably improve the overall energy efficiency of vending machines. The market for heat pumps in mobile air conditioning is expected to grow from € 310.3 million in 2009 to € 569.6 million by 2015 and to € 653.3 million by 2020. Car and air-conditioning manufacturers are working together on designing the most efficient system for electric vehicles.